Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kleening Up

The Latest Greatest, 6/13/12

Very promising new project from Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship and Kenny Segal under the group name "The Kleenrz," dropping July 31rst via Nocando's quality imprint Hellfyre Club.  It seems like Self Jupiter has wasted no time getting back into the groove of recording songs since being released from jail, and his past solo album "Hard Hat Area" was a strong collection of tracks even though it covered a variety of compilation appearances and guest spots.  Kenny Segal is an excellent producer, and crafts very complete conceptual albums for rappers if his "Memoirs of Planet Lovetron" album with Blacklove R88ers is anything to go by.  My hunch is that this one will be excellent... praying that they're planning on releasing it as a CD and not just digitally!  Tracklisting and sample song below:

1. The Interview
2. Filthy (feat. Fanny Franklin)
3. Mr Sandman
4. Best Served Cold
5. Nasty
6. City Lights (feat. Nocando)
7. Altered States (feat. Subtitle, Alpha MC, Gajah, Murs & Volume 10)
8. Outer Rings (feat. Abstract Rude & Shing02)
9. A Big Mess (feat. DJ Prolifix)

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