Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Movie Monsters in Holographic Technicolor

The Latest Greatest, 12/20/11

Get your interactive 3D monster madness goggles ready. Ecid's new full length, "Werewolf Hologram," is gonna be dropping February 28th 2012 on Ecid's own Fill in the Break's label. Ecid is one of those rappers/producers that kind of snuck up on me through his work with Awol One, which impressed me enough to get me digging through his extensive back catalog. His dense conceptual lyricism and layered production make for albums that can be revisited months later and still retain some replay value. His last solo full length was produced by Arsenic and took a slightly more traditional approach to the hip hop genre, but this new one seems to be harkening back to Ecid's high-concept self-produced projects like "Red Beretta." Very eager to hear the direction that Ecid's production is taking on this one, I feel like he's one of those artists that gets a little better with every new release. Tracklisting and music video below, limited deluxe pre-order packages for CD and LP pressings of the album available on Ecid's Bandcamp Page. With this, Bleubird's "Cannonball!!!" and Busdriver's "Beaus$Eros" all dropping at the beginning of next year, it looks like the first quarter of 2012 is going to be dominated by the more cerebral side of the hip hop spectrum. Viva la nerd rap!

1. Werewolf Hologram
2. Men Kill Men
3. I Heart Gravity
4. The Pursuit of Everything In Between
5. Go High Lion
6. Boo Boo
7. Incredible
8. Oh Well
9. Marching On
11. So Damn Einstein!
12. The Future is Free (feat. David Mars & Leif(Kolt))
13. Rock Stars Don't Apologize (feat. Awol One, Kristoff Krane & Eyedea)
14. Back From Japan
15. Surprise Yourself
16. So Much Fire

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