Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The Latest Greatest, 12/7/11

New album from perpetual road warrior rapper Bleubird, entitled "Cannonball!!!," dropping January 24th 2012 on Fake Four Inc. Bleubird's been putting out some really interesting avant-rap music for a minute now, both as a solo artist and through collaborations with similar-minded hip hoppers like Sole, Astronautalis, Thesis Sahib and Edison. I had a chance to see him live and chill with him in his RV van back in June, and his charisma and entertaining personality definitely boosted my appreciation for his music. He's clearly someone who's meant to be an entertainer in the music industry... hell, he could probably be a stand-up comedian or motivational speaker if hip hop didn't own his heart. Anyway, his new album "Cannonball!!!" is co-produced by Radical Face and Astronautalis, and the leaked songs I've heard from it have been pretty stellar. Definitely excited to see how this one turns out, glad to see Fake Four behind yet another talented artist. Awesome snake bite cover art above, promo videos below:

"Giehe 1977"

"Christian Wife"

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