Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kev Brown "Classic Joints"

Expanding the Backpack, 4/30/11

Redefinition Records recently dropped this free compilation of the talented Mr. Kev Brown's music for you hip hop heads to dig into. Couple old tracks, couple feature joints, a few remixes and a whole lot of classy, soulful production. Kev is kind of underrated as an MC as well... I hear where people's complaints are coming from, but I feel like his relaxed style of MCing fits perfectly over his mellow production. This thing's worth a free download for sure, and is being offered in promotion of the new Kaimbr & Kev Brown album "Alexander Green." Cop dat ish.

Download "Classic Joints" here.


01: Marley Marl – Feat. Kev Brown & Grap Luva – “What Ruling Means”
02: Kev Brown – “Another Random Joint”
03: Busta Rhymes – “Packin’ Them Things”
04: Biz Markie – “Games”
05: Kev Brown – “Batida”
06: Grap Luva feat. Kev Brown – “Power Bars”
07: Kev Brown Ft. Asheru, Grap Luva & Hassan Mackey – “What You Got”
08: Kaimbr & Kev Brown – “Songs” (From The Alexander Green Project)
09: Jay-Z – “Threat” (Kev Brown Unofficial Remix)
10: Kev Brown – “Always” EP Version
11: Kev Brown – “Work In Progress” (Damu The Fudgemunk Remix)
12: Kev Brown – “The Crowd”

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