Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gangsta Goddess Prophecy?

The Latest Greatest, 2/12/11

*Blink.* As hard as this may be to believe, Medusa is apparently releasing her full length album "Whr's the DJ Booth?" on Myka 9's label M9 Entertainment in the very near future. How near is the very near future? Valentine's Day, says Medusa - the day after tomorrow! Don't quote me on that date since I have yet to see a tracklisting or official cover for this near mythical album, but there is a sampler of snippets available for listening Here so it's definitely coming. Medusa is a colossal talent of the LA underground, with an absolutely killer live show and no proper album under her name to date... I know people who have been waiting for a Medusa long player for over a decade. Here's hoping that J the Sarge isn't all over this one as he has been on so many M9 releases. My gut feeling is that this album may end up being a disappointment, but I'm optimistic never the less! Definitely giving this a listen when it drops.

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