Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Atmosphere is Showing Off Again

The Latest Greatest, 2/22/11

So, "Just for Show," the first single off of Atmosphere's new album "The Family Sign," has just dropped courteousy of Rhymesayers Entertainment. I've only had a chance to give it one listen so far, but my ears couldn't be more pleased. Smooth reggae-funk riffs, Slug's everyman flow, and some thoughtful lyrics. Sounds like they're working off the initial blueprint set for "To All My Friends" and just fleshing it out more into stand-out songs. My anticipation for the album just went up a notch. April 12th people. Tracklisting and stream-able single below:

1) My Key
2) The Last to Say
3) Became
4) Just For Show
5) She's Enough
6) Bad Bad Daddy
7) Millenium Dodo
8) Who I'll Never Be
9) I Don't Need Brighter Days
10) Ain't Nobody
11) Your Name Here
12) If You Can Save Me Now
13) Something So
14) My Notes

Atmosphere - Just For Show by rhymesayers

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