Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Camobear Type Evil This Halloween

The Latest Greatest, 10/27/10

New album by Evil (now known as Evil Ebenezer) dropping via Camobear Records this October 31rst. Ushering in Halloween Canadian zombie style. Evil is sounding a little whinier than I remember him being (his last official album, "Call Me Evil," dropped in 2006) and the autotune has definitely got to go, but his production team The Draft Dodgers are some talented mo'fos and he generally comes up with some interesting things to say. Camobear has transitioned further and further into being a digital-only label much to my dismay, so it is pleasing to see that this new album is being offered as an actual CD. You can pre-order this ghoulish piece of hip hop over at the Camobear store. Videos of two tracks off the album directed by Stuey Kubrick featured below:

"Take Me With You":


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