Monday, December 31, 2012

Tommy V "Mockingbird"

Expanding the Backpack, 12/31/12

New free EP of extra fun music from Tommy V, "Mockingbird," out now via Fake Four Inc.  It's been ages since I last heard a solo album from Tommy V, and I'd kind of assumed that he'd quit making new music at this point, so when the Fake Four guys announced that this was dropping for free in December my curiosity was piqued.  It's been some 12 odd years since his last solo project "Quarter Life Crisis" dropped and garnered a cult following amongst LA underground heads, and I have a major soft spot for the Convenience Store album he put out with evs and Neila in 2007, so it's great to hear him back in full form here!  Tommy has always had a very fun and creative vibe to his music, and this EP shows off both of those attributes with great humor and sincerity.  Not one track in, and the man is already picking grey hairs from his nutsack and hologramming himself to avoid bottles being thrown at him!  Great upbeat jazzy music with fun melodic rap styles and memorable lyrics (check out his critique of hipster cafe's on "Cafecíto Orgánico" or his funny second-hand story "Pawn Shop").  I guarantee that you Pigeon John fans out there will go absolutely crazy for this shit.  One of the best free hip hop albums 2012 has to offer, so don't you dare sleep on it.  Download Tommy V's "Mockingbird" on Fake Four's Bandcamp Page or stream it below:

1. Cepillín Intro
2. Remember Me?
3. Son of a Gun
4. Disillusioned
5. Cafecíto Orgánico
6. Dollar Bin Delectables
7. I Hate Music
8. Useless Labels (feat. David Ramos)
9. How's Cali (feat. Ceschi)
10. Pawn Shop
11. Seu Amor
12. Always Heal
13. For Infinity
14. Can You Hear Me?

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