Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rocketing Out the Slump

The Latest Greatest, 11/7/12

Sapient's long-rumored alt rock project, "Slump," will be dropping via Camobear Records on February 19th, 2013.  Very curious to see how this one turns out.  Sapient has a very solid work ethic, both as a solo artist and as a member of the well-respected Sandpeople collective out of Portland.  Considering the amount of beats he produces and the number of albums he drops on a yearly basis, it's kind of surprising how many of them turn out to be solid.  This new album drops his traditional rapping in favor of a more melodic rock approach to his songs, which is not actually a huge jump from his past work considering his tendency to end each of his albums with some poppy hip hop rock joint.  Still, it'll be interesting to hear this style of music for an entire album for a change.  It could either result in the most essential Sapient project to date, or in a complete trainwreck of a concept album.  Sapient does tend to lean towards the side of quality with his releases, so I'm confident that "Slump" will offer at least a couple of key catchy tunes to bring a smile to your respective slumps.  Tracklisting and debut single video below:

1. Slow Up
2. Pieces of Paper
3. When
4. Shotgun in my Spaceship
5. Roman Candle
6. The Dapper Mob
7. Notroh
8. Seeking New Skin
9. Went Like This
10. Opera Pigs
11. Ello
12. Monsters Eat Bricks
13. I Was Wrong
14. Gladys
15. Anaphylaxis
16. Out From Under


  1. I'm lookin forward to this too. Sandpeople are based in Portland though, eh?

  2. Well noted, I keep confusing them as Seattle peeps cus I associate them with Oldominion so much. Will edit thanks!