Thursday, October 11, 2012

No Filler

The Latest Greatest, 10/11/12

Chicago MC Robust will be releasing his new album "Fillin' In the Potholes" on November 6th via Galapagos4.  I really loved Robust's 200G4 debut "Potholes in Our Molecules," and the "El Foto Grande" and "Stick Figures" albums that he followed it up with were very dope as well, but I can't really say I've dug too much of the material he's released since then.  Fortunately, judging by the singles that have leaked from this new project, it seems that Robust may be set to make a pretty major return to form come November 6th.  The return to the "Potholes" motif seems to be pointing towards a fresh start, and Ro even jokingly speaks on how the "fans don't think he's hot no more" on the album's lead single.  Production line-up is some A-List Chi Town shit: Meaty Ogre, Maker, Void Pedal (dope!), PNS, Jackson Jones and DJ Alo make contributions amongst others.  Very dope Albane cover art as well.  Check out the video for the single "Northern Soul" and the leaked song "How Ya Livin??" below:

1. Fillin' In The Potholes (prod. by Max)
2. Soloist (prod. by Robust)
3. Northern Soul (prod. by Meaty Ogre)
4. High Road (prod. by Void Pedal)
5. Loop Dreams (prod. by Robust)
6. All I Do (prod. by DJ Alo)
7. Remember When (prod. by PNS)
8. I Wake Up (prod. by Maker)
9. Spare Change (prod. by Meaty Ogre)
10. How Ya Livin?? (prod. by Max)
11. Polluted Views (prod. by Jackson Jones)
12. Tortured Soul (prod. by Meaty Ogre)
13. Driftwood (prod. by Pore)
14. What's Your World (prod. by Pore)
15. Pressure (prod. by DJ Alo)
16. Realism (prod. by Pore)

    How Ya Livin??? - Prod. By Max(Old Irving) ft. DJ ALO by Robust Chicago 

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