Saturday, September 8, 2012

Art Minus the Deco

The Latest Greatest, 9/8/12

New album from LA rapper Gavlyn, "From the Art," dropping October 2nd via Broken Complex Records.  Here is further proof that, no matter how many of these blog posts I devote to female MCs, there will always be fresh talents I haven't heard of.  I cast an ear towards Gavlyn after her recent initiation to Broken Complex, and it sounds like she may be making up for Sirah's departure from the group.  She's also part of an LA collective known as Organized Threat...  All new names to me, but it seems like their hearts and heads are all in the right places.   This Gavlyn chick has got a pretty good voice and an interesting tone in the way she raps, plus her album boasts production from DJ Lord Ron, EQ (Acid Reign affiliate), and Broken Finguz amongst others.  Looks like Destruct's guest-starring on the song "No Worries" too, which is a good sign since him and Finguz were partially responsible for the dope "React" album a few months back.  That cover art pleases my eyes as well.  Color me interested, and check out the video for Gavlyn's songs "Clarity" and "To the Feeling" below:

1. Do You
2. What I Do
3. Staring Problem
4. Clarity
5. Stepoff
6. Set It
7. Make My Move (feat. Fawksie 1)
8. Let It Go (feat. Dy)
9. Hour Glass
10. No Worries (feat. Destruct)
11. Blown Away (feat. Rawlegit)
12 Survive
13. Why Don’t U Do Right
14. To The Feeling
15. Soulfire

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