Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Typically Brilliant

The Latest Greatest, 8/29/12

Trying not to get too excited about the release of this new Typical Cats album "3" on September 25th, but I'm failing miserably.  Typical Cats is just one of those groups that has the potential to deliver some of the highest quality hip hop on the planet, bar none.  Qwel, Qwazaar and Denizen Kane are all masters of their respective crafts of MCing, and have styles that compliment one another in unique and exciting ways.  DJ Natural's jazzy funk production tends to bring out sides of their music that you wouldn't here on other recordings, and he cements the group as its own entity.  Many herald their 2001 self-titled album as an underground hip hop classic and others give massive praise to their 2004 follow-up "Civil Service," but I personally believe that these two albums, while good, do not meet the massive potential that this group has as a collective.  My expectations remain sky high, and there's no doubt in my mind that these fellows will one day release an album that will kick my ass from beginning to end.  If the album sampler for "3" is anything to go by, then this may very well be the record that I've been waiting for from Typical Cats...  It's sounding like DJ Natural has stepped up his production chops quite a bit in the last 8 years, and it's good to see the unseen member of the crew Kid Knish back on deck.  Stream the album sampler beneath the tracklist below, and expect more thoughts on this album from me when it drops: 

1. Intro (Cry No More)
2. The Crown
3. My Watch
4. Changing Room
5. Puzzling Thing
6. Better Luck
7. Drop It Like It's Hotline
8. Denizen Walks Away
9. The Bitter Cold
10. It's The Bomb!
11. On My Square
12. Blank Stone
13. Scientists Of Sound
14. Mathematics
15. Gil Say They Don't Knock
16. Bowl Of Tea
17. Reflections From The Porch
18. The Gordeon Knock
19. TC Back For More
20. Full Clip (For The Last Day)

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