Monday, May 14, 2012

4NML Kingdom

The Latest Greatest, 5/14/12

I may be letting the 4nml out the bag a little early with this one, but details about Open Mike Eagle's new album have shown up on some credible websites and it's my duty to share my enthusiasm for it here.  Entitled "4NML HSPTL" (pronounced "Animal Hospital"), the album is produced entirely by UK Machina Muerte affiliate Awkward and will be dropping June 26th on the almighty Fake Four Inc.  Mike Eagle has been releasing some very original and enjoyable albums in recent times, and this one features collaborations with Megabusive, Nocando, Has-Lo, Serengeti and even Detroit's fast-rising underground superstar Danny Brown(!)  Excited to hear this one... Fake Four has already dropped some very note-worthy releases this year from the likes of Bleubird, Sixo, Busdriver and others, but between this album and the new Dark Time Sunshine joint dropping in July, I think the Summer will be theirs.  Tracklisting below: 

1. Starz 
2. Hsptl 
3. Lesson 33 
4. Black Clouds (feat. Megabusive & Finiki McGee) 
5. Universe Man (feat. Serengeti) 
6. Your Back Pack Past (feat. Has-Lo) 
7. Debts (Eagle Journal) 
8. 4NML (Korzybski's Lament) 
9. The Financial Crisis That Wouldn't Go Away 
10. Bad News Brown (Gamin Journal) (feat. Matt Gamin) 
11. One Day 
12. Free-Writing Exercise (feat. Nocando) 
13. DanceBill 
14. Self Medication Chant 
15. Cobra Commander (feat. Danny Brown)

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