Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Treatments in Dub

The Latest Greatest, 4/24/12

Pleasantly surprised to see a new album from West Coast rap vet Dave Dub dropping soon.  "The Treatment" will be released May 29th to be exact, on CD and LP via none other than the giant taste-maker label Stones Throw Records.  I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't a very big fan of Dave Dub's last punk effort "Mind Police," but this new "Treatment" LP seems to be taking it back to the raw rap roots of Dave's music, or at least that's what the samples on Stones Throw's website seem to suggest.  In fact, it looks like Dave Dub's long-time production colleague Tape Masta Steph is producing the whole thing, which promises lots of lo-fi funky beats for Dave to sound sick over.  I also gotta say that it's great to see Dave Dub link up with Stones Throw to get that paper, dude is a nice guy and a slept on rapper who deserves a lot more exposure.  Here's hoping the Stones Throw emblem broadens his fanbase and gives Isolated Wax a little more shine.  Tracklisting below:

1. Superfly
2. The Treatment
3. Much Gratitude
4. Escaping My Voice
5. Upside Down Lineage
6. As They Worship
7. The Tribulation
8. Fire Laced Fragment
9. Space Nigga
10. Daring a Ruler
11. The Day of Reckoning
12. Planet Rhyme
13. Domination

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