Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Subtitle "Black Jack Parsons EP"

Expanding the Backpack, 11/16/11

Another pick from the slew of free releases that established underground artists were handing out on 11/11/11 is this new EP from LA oddball rapper Subtitle aka Giovanni Marks, who returns after a long hiatus with this messy, concentrated dose of noisy weirdness. Dubbed "Crev Wave" in the genre section of the download, the music contained within follows an ADD pattern of minute-long songs that incorporate a lot of dense electronic production and Subtitle's trademark mumbly monotone flow. Though I haven't dug all of Mr. Marks' projects, he's an undeniably original musician and has put out some incredible pieces of music, including the criminally slept on Lab Waste album with Thavius Beck which maintains a very high spot in my personal echelon of LA hip hop releases. Subtitle's "Black Jack Parsons" EP is produced entirely by Giovanni Marks himself, and is being offered for free via Nocando's Hellfyre Club label. An interesting pairing for sure... I'll be checking for Subtitle's "My So Crev Life" full length, which is due to drop on Hellfyre Club next year. Check out the EP below:

Subtitle - Black Jack Parsons Free Download

1. In_gage
2. Retrospective in Crev
3. A Makers Rocks
4. (I Can't) I Can't Be Disturbed
5. Disco @ Los Golobulus Phreestyle
6. Whipp'd 0002
7. Pulled Paper (feat. Chrome Drops)
8. Scales (Juugo)
9. But Still
10. #____
11. Out_gage

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